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Is the Electronic Cigarette carcinogen?

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The answer is NO, no electronic cigarette is a carcinogen.

The electronic cigarette contains substances well known and approved by various health organizations worldwide and many of its components are widely used in pharmaceutical and food industry.

few months after the popularization of the electronic cigarette begun, the public started seeing a subtle smear campaign against these novel devices. A long and sometimes murky history of competition and cross between large companies, which are not interested in this product are becoming of popular interest. This war of interests, in which the health of consumers is being currency, raises suspicion that behind the most skeptical of the alarmist warnings about the electronic cigarette can hide the long shadow of the industries that sell products that are precisely intended to stay.

Many media owners have focused on the alleged ineffectiveness of the electronic cigarette as entertainment medium and as an aid to smoking cessation. According to this information, various health-related agencies have warned of a “lack of studies prooving the effectiveness of the electronic cigarette,” which aims to make the unwary reader draw such conclusions and so they discourage their use. Or to put it another way: we must continue smoking conventional cigarettes and have doubts about the full potential of the electronic cigarette, although their harmful nature is solidly proven for decades.

To reinforce this argument it is also sometimes implied that the electronic cigarettes contains the same harmful chemicals that traditional snuff, and effects the constriction of the airways in patients with respiratory problems cited. As it often happens with statistical science, journalism disclosure interpretation of the data is the key factor in understanding the information presented to us in this case. It turns out that the data is well made-up, so that it makes it seem as if when electronic cigarettes are consumed, they cause a disproportionate harm. However, nothing of this is proven yet.

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