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Illegal sale of electronic cigarettes in pharmacies

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At a time when the debate on continuous electronic cigarette on the side of political authorities and health policy-makers, the National Order of Pharmacists in fact, in June, a development from pharmacies recalling that “the pharmacy is not a bazaar”.

Indeed, it was found that some products on sale do not have a place on the shelves , starting with the electronic cigarette.

Illegal sale e-cigarette pharmacy L’ANSM ( Security Agency of Medicines) has repeatedly expressed warnings about the e-cigarette, which recall the is not considered a drug to pharmacists. Currently , there would be 36% of pharmacies continue to sell electronic cigarettes.

Code of Public Health, governed by Art. L5125 -24 lists the products licensed for sale does not include the e -cigarette. So it is illegally that this product is available in pharmacies.

It is true that the market today is 1 million consumers escaped the pharmaceutical industry as the tobacco industry because of its independent development .Pharmacies might have a feeling of frustration of not being able to generate margin via the e -cigarette. Moreover, we see more and more products , so far the drug for sale in some pharmacists, eg therapeutic jewelry with magical virtues 😉

Maybe in some time, under pressure, the state will legislate on the e-cigarette and give the right to market the drug. Soon we will refuel e liquid for electronic cigarette at a neighbourhood pharmacy!

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